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SUBTRACT - Internationellt projekt

SUBTRACT looks at reuse centres and SMEs and identifies the conditions for them to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Project presentation

Re-use Centres are usually managed by SMEs, often social enterprises, that receive, prepare for re-use and distribute goods extending their product lifetimes with important social and environmental benefits, promoting a circular economy. They are a powerful vehicle to promote qualitative growth, help develop human capital and strengthen social cohesion. In order to fulfil this mission re-use centres need to have an economically sustainable business model. SUBTRACT will concentrate on the post start-up and scaling-up phases to render re-use centres effective and durable, i.e. to have a steady flow of incoming and outgoing goods well prepared for re-use, a professional management, a suitable financial strategy and an attractive image for the users.

Objectives of SUBTRACT project

Through knowledge research and exchange of experience the project will elaborate:

  • Guidelines on how to develop the full potentials of re-use centres and render them competitive;
  • Guidance to the ERDF managing authorities and other policy makers on how to asses and govern re-use centres in their territory;
  • Business principles and models that will help actors along the reuse chain (regional and local governments, waste management authorities, NGOs, social enterprises) to collaborate effectively and strengthen networks;
  • Measures that enforce waste prevention and preparation for re-use activities and that favour citizens’ contributions;
  • Efficient awareness strategies and campaign models to stimulate the supply and demand of reusable goods and render them attractive and desirable.

Project partners: