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WaterAid changes millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.
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In Sweden we have good access to clean water. Still, water is essential in our lives, and we should never take it for granted.

Photos: eSwatini/WaterAid/Nyani Quarmune/Panos

The Winnovator challenge - 3 facts:


Where are we going?

ESwatini is a small country, bordering South Africa and Mozambique, with a population of 1,3 million. Our challenge is the dry area of Lowveld.

Almost one in three people do not have clean water and two in five have no access to toilets.


Ka-Ben needs help.

Our challenge is in Ka-Ben, a village where climate change has negatively influenced the land and ecosystems. In the last 15 years there has been a 12 percent increase in days with temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, and up to a 50 percent decline in precipitation during the start of the rainy season.

This causes food insecurity and increases poverty.


The Challenge.

WaterAid eSwatini has designed a mini water supply systems for the people of Ka-Ben, where housholds can buy clean water. A single
person´s daily requirement of water is 25 litres, but supply will not meet this demand.

Our challenge is to improve the system to maximise water avaliable to meet the needs of the people in Ka-ben.

In september 2019 will we turn in our submission.

We did it!

Our fundraise total was 118 000 SEK. We also came up with the Level Up solution - where an additional pump may increase the waterproduction i Ka-Ben with 60%. In October, a jury from WaterAid will decide which team submitted the best ideas.

Team Rimfrost

Vakins team, Team Rimfrost:

Urban Larsson, technical development, team manager
Mikael Långström, water production, process engineer
Sara Boström, water production, process engineer
Malin Edin, water production, environmental engineer
Sven Tunell, water & wastewater, production manager
Elin Wikman, economy support, controller
Cecilia Bergstén, HR support, strategist
Elin Bäckman, communications support, communicator

We will use hand, brain and heart to help solve the problem presented for us by Winnovators. In return, the Winnovators program will increase water awareness in our community. We want people to care about and care for their water. We will also grow as a team, and gain new skills.

Some of our donors

OK Västerbottenexternal link - donated carwash tickets to WaterAid, in exchange for a fundraising event at one of their gas stations.

Nolia Trädgårdexternal link - we got the best spot at the entrance of the garden show, for our fundraising event: Climate friendly gardens.

Recruitment company Vedea AB, external linkteam/leadership development.

Allmiljö AB, external linkwaste management, recycling and and household waste.

Link Arkitektur ABexternal link, architect company.

Umeå Food Festivalexternal link, a sustainable food festival in Umeå.

ImpHRoveexternal link, an HR company.

Thank you for supporting Winnovators and WaterAid!

More donors

Gullers Gruppexternal link , a communication company.

Bimac external link, water/wastewater construction.

AdviceUexternal link, IT project management.

Times Kitchen, restaurant/cateringexternal link.

Zprofilexternal link, print and giveaways.

Dåva Dacexternal link, waste company

Umeå Mark & VAexternal link, a construction company

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

So far away...

Do you know where eSwatini is? Or Sweden? Not many do. There is some difference. ESwatini is a small, hot and dry country in the southern part of Africa. Sweden is a small, cold country in the northern part of Europe, usually with plenty of water. But 2018 something happened. We had a drought, forests were burning and water was suddenly something that wasn´t always there.

Team Vakin is a proud representative of Sweden, the city of Umeå and our company, Vakin. Close to the polar circle, with long cold snowy winters and an abundance of water, we are truly far from the countries in need of WaterAid.

Despite the differences, water is essential in our lives as well, and we should never take it for granted.

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